Bilingualism Resources

This is a growing list of other on-line sources of information on bilingualism with a brief description. As it gets longer I might start to categorise the list into sub headings but now there is no specific order.

My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids from Bilingual Monkeys a blog by an American living in Japan.

Bringing up Baby Bilingual is an exploration of raising children with more than one language and a record of one American woman’s efforts to teach French as a non-native speaker to the enfants in her life.

From Linguist to Mum: Looking Back.  Interesting reflections of an academic linguist turned mum on the Piri Piri Lexicon who have been hosting a blogging carnival. 

No child left monolingual – an interesting Ted Talk from an American academic.

Bilingual Family Newsletter – lots of back issues of this newsletter.

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