Welcome to taco de lenguas.

We are an English/Mexican family living in Bristol, UK – L is from Guadalajara, Mexico and A is from the UK. Both of us speak English and Spanish to a high level.  We have mainly been speaking English to each other since L moved to the UK in 2006, although we do tend to speak Spanish when we are abroad and strangely also on the phone!

When our son S was born in 2012, we decided to make a conscious effort to speak Spanish at home to hopefully help him to become bilingual in Spanish and English.

I started this blog when S was 8 months old, and Spanish is now firmly the home language.  As he gets older and starts to speak.. and then read and write I am sure we will have a lot more questions and want to find help and tips with issues that arise.

I thought it would be useful to have a blog to collect resources, exchange advice and experiences as well as to keep a memory of our bilingual journey.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, or know anything about Mexico, taco de lenguas roughly translates as ‘language taco’ (ie tortilla wrap), and is a play on words as ‘taco de lengua’ is a famous Mexican dish.

Tacos de lengua



    • Hey bilinguazo. Thanks for nominating me – I’m really chuffed. Sorry for taking ages to reply. I have been away visiting family and not had a chance. I need to get on now and pay it forward. Cheers again x

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