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Short Cartoons

I have recently been looking into Spanish cartoons for my son who is now 5.  Here’s a selection that you might want to check out.  Check out PakaPaka and Once Niños which are children’s television channels from Argentina and Mexico.

Pocoyo – Lovely simple animation for preschoolers.

Louie – Simple cartoon about a rabbit who’s drawings come to life.

El Asombroso mundo de Zamba – Adventures of an 8 year old Argentinian boy

La Brujita Tatty – A slightly annoying cartoon about a witch and her cat (but my son likes it)

Los Lunis – A Spanish show similar to the muppets.

Los mundos de Uli – Exploring the world

Capitan Nariz de Lata – A fun animation about pirates.

La princesa Media Luna – A princess who sleep all day and has adventures at night.

Caillou – Daily experiences of a young boy

Daniel Tigre –  a young tiger and his friends.

Don Gato –  Top Cat, a 1980s classic in Spanish

Los Octonautos – Los Octonautas son los ocho miembros del peculiar y valiente equipo de héroes que se sumergen siempre que hay problemas bajo el mar.

Los Pitufos -La serie para niños que sigue las aventuras de Los Pitufos, pequeñas criaturas azules que viven en un pueblo tranquilo y tratan de huir del malvado Gargamel.

Tayo -The Little Bus Tayo is about the exciting adventures of a little bus who is just starting to learn his route in a busy city. It is full of characters who will capture children’s imaginations; there are buses, taxis, police cars, trains, and construction equipment.

Las Tres Mellizas – adventure with triplets.

Dinotren – Buddy es un joven Tiranosaurio Rex que junto a su familia adoptiva de Teranodontes coge cada tarde el DinoTren para vivir las más divertidas aventuras, explorar, aprender y conocer todo sobre los dinosaurios.

El pequeño reino de Ben y Holly – Spanish version of this British cartoon

Mono Silabo – a Mexican monkey that teaches reading.


Songs with videos – very popular among the small members of the family.

Cantamonitos – lovely stop animation songs from Chile by Vivienne Barry

Tikikitlip – animated songs with prehispanic themes

Canticos – Traditional latino nursery rhymes animated, also apps and board books available.

Canticuentos – Colombian children’s songs and animated videos

Cantajuego – Spanish children’s songs and live action videos.


Audiobooks, podcasts and radio stations in Spanish available online.

Babyradio – Radio station from Spain aimed at babies and young children

Cuento Aventuras – fairy tale podcasts in Spanish, broadcast from California

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