Summer holidays activity books in Spanish – review


During our recent (Aug 2018) trip to Spain on a home exchange to Huesa, Jaén, we stopped to stock up with provisions at a large supermarket in Granada.

I headed straight for the book section looking for sticker activity books for E who is really enjoying them at the moment and manages to finish most of the ones i bought for the flight.

While browsing I came across a huge selection of summer holiday workbooks aimed at all ages and with lots of different themes. I wasn’t aware of this type of work book but I think it’s a great way of getting an over view of the Spanish school curriculum for each year group.

I understand these summer activity books are very popular in Spain as the school holidays are a whole three months long!

I decided to get this Cuaderno de Vacaciones published by ANAYA. I chose Primero de Primaria, which I think is the equivalent to Year 1 in the UK. I chose it mainly because of the pirates and advantage theme which I thought would appeal to S.

During our time in Spain, I read the story out loud, we played the board game and tried to do some of the experiments. I also managed to get him to complete the first chapter of exercises. The level seems correct in most activities except maths which is more advanced so we’re skipping it out.

I think the book will make a great resource throughout this school year both at home and in his Spanish lessons. I’ll definitely be looking to get something similar each year.

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