Buying books online from abroad


When ever we are visiting a Spanish speaking country I always have books on my mind. I try to sneak into bookshops and make time to browse.  However, I usually feel rushed and don’t really have time to find what I want.

To compensate for this unorganised approach to Spanish reading material, I have been building up a wishlist of books on Amazon Spain for about a year.  I try to read blogs and follow Facebook groups (I highly recommend ‘La biblioteca de los peques: literatura infantil y juvenil’) to find out which are the best children’s books in Spanish and add them to my wishlist.  The Facebook groups are especially useful as they are full of native Spanish speakers who are passionate about children’s literature and keen to answer questions and provide links and recommendations.

A few months ago I got a promotion through from for Día del Libro and decided to bite the bullet ordering a massive 23 books! Amazingly the international shipping was around £15, which I thought was excellent value for a very large, very heavy box of books!


I’ve now got a good stash of books for both children, fiction and non fiction for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. It was definitely a good idea, so if you’re hesitating about ordering abroad for your minority language books I would encourage you to go for it.  I should have done it earlier!


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