Vamos a la mar..(y a Guadalajara)


After a three year gap we are soon due to fly out to Mexico as a family of four.  We will be starting with a week in Guadalajara, visiting the wider family and friends, followed by two weeks at the coast with close family.

S only has vague memories of our last visit when he was almost two. At that point he was only just beginning to talk. In fact some of his first words were inspired by our time at the beach, including coco (coconut).  His very excited about our trip, and has been talking about it for months. He’s looking forward to drinking lots of agua de coco, he’s excited about the flight and

S will be almost five during our visit.  He is now a confident communicator and has a well developed Spanish vocabulary.  Being a few years older he will be able to understand not only the language but also gain significantly from both cultural experiences and family interactions.  I feel our trip this year will have an important impact on not just his language but also his cultural identity.   It will be a great boost for his Spanish just before he starts school full-time in the majority language (English) in September.  This visit to Mexico is an ideal opportunity to build on connections with his Abuelos and Tía as well as try to build relationships with wider family and primos.  I’d love to see him playing and interacting with children in Spanish.  Most of his Spanish interactions at the moment are with adults, (family, teachers, lodgers, babysitters etc) so this is an area I’m keen to develop.

It will of course also be E’s first time in Mexico. She will be just over one and beginning to walk and talk.  So far she can say three ‘words’, mamá, papá and ta da! It will be interesting to see if she picks up new words during our trip.  The Mexican side of the family have yet to meet her in person, so everyone is very excited.

The flight will be more challenging than last time with two children. With E just starting to walk it will be hard to keep her in her seat for the longest flight London to Mexico city (12 hours!).  This time we’re taking a direct route to Mexico, flying with AeroMexico to Guadalajara via Mexico City.  And consciously avoiding Trump’s America!



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