S has been enjoying audiobooks as part of his bedtime routine for a few months. We have a couple of traditional story books in Spanish that came with audio CDs which was a good starting point but soon we wanted to expand our collection.

Ideally I was looking for stories that last about 10-15 minutes aimed at children aged 5-6.  I wanted to avoid ordering a physical CD and paying international shipping, and most importantly I needed the audiobooks in mp3 format available to download directly onto the computer and then use on other devices.  I tried Audible, the Amazon audiobook service, but I didn’t like the app or the way you access and manage the audio files.

Apparently this is a tall order!  The best I could do was these fables. I’m still on the hunt so welcome any recommendations, although I’ve been told audiobooks aren’t as popular in Spain as they are in the UK.  I will also see what I can find in Mexico this summer, and keep you posted.

As an interim solution someone suggested looking on YouTube. Here you’ll find videos of famous children’s picture books either read aloud or as a ‘video book’ with sounds effects and images.  I have now managed to download the audio files using the Listen to YouTube from a good selection of stories to add to our collection. I recommend the YouTube channel Aula de Elena as a good starting point.

Do your bilingual children like audiobooks? I’d love to hear from you.


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