Songs in Spanish for S (Age 3)

S is starting to be able to remember song lyrics. It’s an exciting stage and he quickly picks up new songs and is soon singing along to favourite tunes. He’s acquiring new vocabulary from the lyrics and will often ask when he hears a word he doesn’t understand.  I am excited to share these songs with you today as it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Spanish language resources.

I want to start with the amazing animated songs by Vivienne Barry from Chile. If, like me, you generally find the animation for children’s music uninspiring, or even ugly, you will love this beautiful stop animation.  They are not only brilliant to watch but the songs often reflect culture and traditions from Latin America.  There are many to choose from but I’d like to highlight, ‘Duermete Negrito’, ‘Rey de los Flores‘, and ‘La Cocinerita’. S also loves ‘La Vaca Lechera’ and laughs hysterically each time the cow moos.

‘La Bruja Loca’ is a song which has captured S’s imagination due to his on-going fascination with witches and magic. An unusual area of interest for a three year old? Yes, and it’s nothing to do with Harry Potter.  S’s favourite book for at least the last eight months or so has been ‘Room on the Broom’, a story about a kind witch and her travelling companions. We read the book at least once a day, and we’ve also got the animated DVD and have even been to the theatre production.  One of his favourite games is to pretend to fly on his broomstick and do spells with his magic wand.  This enthusiasm also spilled into his preschool where the teachers commented: ‘S demonstrates amazing story telling skills as he retells the story (Room on the Broom) with just a few prompts. He uses fantastic intonation and rhythm, changing the pitch of his voice to give the story a really exciting energy!’

Another favourite introduced by Tia who visited from Mexico recently is ‘La Serpiente de Tierra Caliente’, which my husband reckons is from Colombia.  Finally I want to mention ‘Salta, Salta, Salta, Pequena Langosta’, which also gets S moving, jumping, dancing and laughing, and ‘En un bosque de la China‘.

All these songs are very catchy and you will find them going round and round your head long are the kids have gone to bed.  Have your children got any favourite songs at the moment? I’d love to hear from you all.


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