I got lots of hungry


At 2 years and 10 months my little boy is a real chatterbox. He’s speaking well in both English and Spanish and clearly identifies each language by name. He’s able to switch language depending on the situation and he’s getting to grips with grammar and tenses.

Spanish is still dominant, mainly because he has a wider range of vocabulary and he can make more complicated sentences in a range of tenses. He often confuses the past participle with the past simple, such as ‘He jugado con bloques’ and he makes typical grammar errors with irregular verbs, for example saying ‘hacido’ instead of ‘hecho’.

Although he rarely mixes the languages when speaking to others he ‘s starting to use both English and Spanish when he plays on his own. He recently came out with the following during a trip to Cornwall ‘Estamos en England’.

It’s fascinating to see the influence of each language on the other. He uses several phrases in English that seem to show he’s translating from Spanish such as `I got lots of hungry’ and ‘I got 2’. Today while playing in his den in the garden he tried to make up an English word he didn’t know by taking the ‘o’ off the end: ‘It’s fall down my tech’ – ie my roof fell down – se cayó mi techo. You can also occasionally see him applying English grammar to Spanish such as ‘Mamá’s bolsa’.

Has anyone else got any similar phrases to share? What are your little bilingual monkeys up to at the moment?


2 thoughts on “I got lots of hungry

  1. Ha! I’ve got lots of hungry! Love it! My two are always coming out with Spanglish phrases too, especially the little one (who’s 6). Can’t think of any examples off the top of my head (need more sleep), but they do make me smile. I wish I’d blogged about the language quirks since they were little like you have. It’ll be nice for you to read back and remember these things. xx

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