Early communication at 15 months

S is now 15 months old and starting to communicate more and more with gestures and noises.  Although he hasn’t said any words yet he is able to communicate through pointing, clapping, waving, dancing and shaking his head.  He loves to dance and asks for music by pointing at my phone or the CD player and then doing a little dance.  He makes an eating noise when he sees food or a picture of food, or when he wants a snack.  He’s also started trying to snort like a pig and he makes a strange evil-like baa for a sheep.

He now understands simple orders when used with gestures like – ven aquí (come here), pásamelo (give it to me), siéntate (sit down) etc.  So far these are the words we know he understands: agua, casco, zapatos, mascara, lampara, mama, papa, música, bailar, bye, adiós, saludar.  He is also starting to identify the animals on his wall paper and point to the lion and monkey (león and chango).

Every day I seem to feel we are communicating better – it’s quite exciting. Perhaps his first words are just around the corner. So far it’s mainly Spanish words that I know he understands although I suspect there are some English words too… we are just not aware of them yet!

donde esta el leon


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