Making Nursery Rhyme Wall charts

I have been familiarising myself with Spanish language nursery rhymes and songs to sing with S at home.  I now have a good collection of resources so I printed out the lyrics of the songs so we could sing them together….. along with the Jose-Luis Orozco books I bought.

However the paper sheets of lyrics were quickly being ripped to shreds; I was afraid the same rough treatment would ruin my lovely new books.   I also found it hard to hold onto pieces of paper or books while doing clapping rhyme or action songs with S sitting on my knee!  Solution…. wall charts!  A hands-free, toddler-safe singing solution!

We have an nursery rhyme wall chart in English from BookStart, a national programme to encourage reading and literacy.  I stuck it up in the kitchen and S always points to it as we go by, so we stop and have a little sing.  I wanted to recreate this with some Spanish songs.  I had a look online but couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to make my own.

After a lot of cutting and sticking and colouring – this was the result.

wall charts

Have you made any home-made wall charts? Have they been popular? Have they helped keep the minority language alive?


8 responses to “Making Nursery Rhyme Wall charts”

    • Thanks. Glad you liked it. We are using them a lot now! He’s got used to where they are and has starting pointing at the Spanish ones as well as the English ones too! Result!

  1. They look great! You should set up a little shop on Etsy or something. On a completely different subject, I am very excited because a Mexican daddy from school told me there’s a genuine “taste of Mexico” taco place in the centre of Madrid, where tacos cost a euro a pop! Must. Have. Mexican. Fix. xx

    • Great to know you’ve got an authentic Mexican taqueria – they are few and far between! Glad you liked my wall charts. I hadn’t thought of selling them… maybe one day!

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