Making Nursery Rhyme Wall charts

I have been familiarising myself with Spanish language nursery rhymes and songs to sing with S at home.  I now have a good collection of resources so I printed out the lyrics of the songs so we could sing them together….. along with the Jose-Luis Orozco books I bought.

However the paper sheets of lyrics were quickly being ripped to shreds; I was afraid the same rough treatment would ruin my lovely new books.   I also found it hard to hold onto pieces of paper or books while doing clapping rhyme or action songs with S sitting on my knee!  Solution…. wall charts!  A hands-free, toddler-safe singing solution!

We have an nursery rhyme wall chart in English from BookStart, a national programme to encourage reading and literacy.  I stuck it up in the kitchen and S always points to it as we go by, so we stop and have a little sing.  I wanted to recreate this with some Spanish songs.  I had a look online but couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to make my own.

After a lot of cutting and sticking and colouring – this was the result.

wall charts

Have you made any home-made wall charts? Have they been popular? Have they helped keep the minority language alive?



  1. They look great! You should set up a little shop on Etsy or something. On a completely different subject, I am very excited because a Mexican daddy from school told me there’s a genuine “taste of Mexico” taco place in the centre of Madrid, where tacos cost a euro a pop! Must. Have. Mexican. Fix. xx

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