Finger games and rhymes in Spanish

I have now gathered a good selection of little clapping games, rhymes and songs in Spanish and S is getting to know them.  He has also started clapping, although waving is still to come!

His favourite is ‘Pollito Asado’, which never fails to make him giggle even while grissling in the buggy on the way home, and he also loves ‘Debajo del boton’ and ‘Cuando vayas al mercado’ which are both tickling rhymes.

I have founds lyrics and some videos here and there online (see my blog’s resource section) and have learnt some off relatives and friends.  But my favourite is ‘Diez Deditos’ by Jose-Luis Orozco, it is a beautifully illustrated book with the lyrics and musical score and accompanying CD.  We also have ‘De Colores’ which are traditional Latin American children’s songs and I look forward to getting ‘Fiestas’ as well which focuses on celebration songs.




  1. Buenas tardes a todos, en mi opinion es dificil opinar este tipo de temas puesto que generan muchos puntos de vista, llegue por casualidad a tu blog y de entrada me ha parecido muy interesante y me gusta mucho en la forma que escribes, un saludo y un abrazo.

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