Childcare and maintaining the minority language



We chose to do minority language at home (ML@H) to try to maximise S’s exposure to Spanish – but what about childcare?  Would I be able to find any Spanish speaking childcare to continue his learning outside the home when I return to work part-time?

My search for any local Spanish speaking child minders or nurseries came to a dead end. It seems the options would be a nanny (which would be cost more than I would earn), nanny share (if I could find one), or an aupair (only once S is over 2 years old).

After a bit of mulling, I started to think that it would better to focus on finding good quality childcare instead.  At least to begin with S will still have most of his week in Spanish at home, although once he moves on to preschool and then to school, obviously there will be more and more English influence.  Of course I do want to him to learn English – I just think this is inevitable.  It won’t be long before he realises that everyone else is speaking English and quickly English will come his dominant language.

Unfortunately there aren’t any bilingual education programmes for Spanish in Bristol (there are for French and German), so we will just have to make sure we give him lots of input at home…. and take lots of holidays of course!

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