Books on Bilingualism

Books on bilingualism? What I have I read? What can I recommend?

I did a bit of a trawl online to find the best book… a lot of comments complained that the books were mainly theoretical and focused on why bilingualism is a positive thing (preaching to the converted really) and didn’t offer much practical advice.

In the end I went for Growing Up with Two Languages which is written by an academic from Sweden.  I got it out of the library and then ended up buying the Spanish version for future reference.  I also read A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism which provided some interesting case studies from Wales but again lacked specific practical advice, especially in the form of trouble shooting.

Has anyone else found a good practical guide? I am now gleaning hints and tips from online resources, and will share anything I find useful here, as well as on the newly created facebook group Bilingual Parents Bristol.




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